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Aros Project Management Programme

Join the programme in project management and become a professional project manager. You will learn to plan, control, execute, and close projects with success.

The best reasons for choosing the Aros Project Management Programme

  • You learn to build successful teams and delegate responsibility in the most optimal way
  • You become a better decision-maker and more accurate in leading projects
  • You get a DiSC personality test that helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • You gain a solid understanding of some of the best and most effective project managing tools and methods
  • You develop your role as a project manager in a positive direction and learn to communicate effectively
  • You become able to handle uncertainties through methods on how to predict and manage risks
  • You gain an understanding of how to identify stakeholder and their importance
  • You get the book “Power in projects, programs and portfolios” for free when you participate in the programme
97,9 %

of our participants rate their instructor as either “good” or “very good” at tailoring content and form to the needs of each attendee.


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Who should attend?

The Aros Project Management Programme is for you who wishes to gain a better understanding of the role as a project manager and who wants to facilitate project more professionally.

You may have participated in the Foundations of Project Management course or gained a fundamental base of knowledge from practical experience.

Manage a Complex Work Life

The role as a project manager is complex. You need to handle a variety of different roles and juggle multiple tasks at the same time. You are expected to build the right teams, plan the project, analyse stakeholders and possible risks, make budgets, and close and evaluate project. During the course, we will focus on the many facets of the role as a project manager. You will gain a solid practical and theoretical foundation for facilitating projects, which will make you a competent and successful project manager.

Streamline Your Work Processes

The price of poor leadership is high. During the programme, you learn to make the right decisions and lead your projects in the right direction, which will save your from making costly mistakes. You also get an insight into some of the best project managing tools and methods, which will make your processes more effecient and help you organize your teams better. When you learn to streamline the work processes and optimize the efficiency, the company’s finansiel position will be significantly improved.

The Role as a Project Manager

Before attending the course, you need to take a DiSC test, which is included in the price of the course. Through the test, you will gain insight into your own strengths and weaknesses. You will also learn to adapt your own communication and behaviour depending on your audience. Furthermore you will become able to build the right teams based the team-members’ personality type.

Your benefits:

  • You gain insight into your own role as a leader and facilitator through a DiSC test. This helps you understand your own strengths and weaknesses, which helps improve your position as a project manager.

  • You learn to adapt your communication depending on whom you are talking with. This helps avoid conflicts and makes you an more empathic leader.

  • You build a solid practical and theoretical foundation for facilitating projects. Your new knowledge helps you handle the variety of tasks that you are required to manage as a project manager and makes you better at organizing complex projects.

The company's benefits:

  • When you become a better decision-maker, you are able to avoid possible risks. This saves the company from making costly mistakes and improves the efficiency.

  • With your acquired knowledge on how to build and organize the right teams, you get better at avoiding possible conflicts, which will improve the teamwork and work environment.

  • When you gain knowledge on some of the best and most effective project managing tools and methods, you become a sublime sparring partner to the top management.


Module 1+2

  • Defining the project and models for project management
  • Organizing and planning the project
  • We will dive in to the subject of team development and review your DiSC-analyses
  • Defining and understanding your target group
  • How to undertake a stakeholder analysis
  • Learn to analyse project risks

Module 3+4

  • We will work with several Mini Workshops on different topics, which give you a practical understanding of the different tasks of project management:
    • Goals
    • Stakeholders
    • Risk management
    • Milestones
    • Budgets
  • You will lean to deal with conflicts and resistance from others

Module 5+6

  • You will gain knowledge on how to take over a project
  • Become a better negotiator: Learn the best tips and tricks for negotiation
  • Session 1: How to take over a project
  • We will go into depth with managing project
  • Session 2: Status and control

mini mba, Steen hildebrandt

The exam

The exam on the Project Management Programme is written. The assignment is max 6 pages and is about your own projects and your own role as a project manager. If you wish, you can opt out of the exam and receive a diploma that you have participated in the advanced course in Project Management. If you take the exam and pass, you will instead receive a signed diploma.

mini mba, Steen hildebrandt


When you participate in the project manager course, you must read some syllabus prior to each training day. You are handed the book “Power in projects, programs and portfolios” and a selection of articles written by well-respected authors, which is included in the price of the course.

The book: Power in Projects, Programs, and Portofolios

The book: Power in projects, programs and portfolios
by John Ryding Olsson, Niels Ahrengot, Mette Lindegaard Attrup


The goal of the course is to boost your skills as a project manager. A key element in this is to offer practical training and experience. We have therefore included exercises between the course days. The exercises are about relating the theory and the new tools to your role as a project manager and to your workplace, so you and your employer get the full benefit of your project manager training.

mini mba, Steen hildebrandt

The course teacher takes care of your learning!

For us, it’s all about getting a positive change out of this course! Therefore, we ask about your prerequisites and needs before the course starts. And the teacher makes sure that after completing the course you can easily use your new tools, competencies and knowledge where you are – so you can easily create even greater value for yourself and for your workplace.

You receive a free mini guide when you sign up!

We send you our little mini guide: “Get maximum value out of your courses” when you sign up for this course. The guide contains some simple but useful advice on how to get most value out of this course – and of all your future courses.

Interested in a tailored course just for you?

We arrange and facilitate tailored courses and educations at our clients’ premises every day. And we want to help you too! Call us for a chat on +45 70 278 279 or e-mail our Customer Manager Christel Roust at and get a non-binding offer for your particular situation.

Christian Pfeiffer


Christian er en engageret og involverende underviser, som sætter en ære i at kommunikere sin faglige viden, så alle kan forholde sig til det. Han er skarp til at koble fagenes indhold til kursisternes egne problemstillinger og hverdag – bl.a. gennem sine mange eksempler og store undervisningserfaring. Christian har specialiseret sig gennem mange år som konsulent og underviser indenfor projektledelse- og porteføljeledelse samt organisationsudvikling.

Han er uddannet cand.merc. i strategi og ledelse og har en række uddannelser og certificeringer, som han inddrager i undervisningen, bl.a. PMP®, DiSC, PRINCE2®, Belbin®, Scrum Master. Han er uddannet proceskonsulent, er lektor, har en diplomuddannelse i erhvervspædagogik og er ICC-certificeret coach. 

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Skræddersyet kursus afholdt hos jer!

Kontakt os og få et tilbud

Kurset vil blive skræddersyet efter jeres behov og tilpasset efter, hvor mange I ønsker at deltage.

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