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AROS Mini MBA (in English)

Aros Mini MBA is probably Denmark’s most ambitious Mini MBA, developed in close co-operation with Denmark’s leading expert on management, Steen Hildebrandt. You get introduced to the essential MBA subjects and the ongoing ideas of management today.

The 5 Best Reasons to Choose the Aros Mini MBA!

  1. You get an extremely ambitious Mini MBA developed in close co-operation with Denmark’s leading expert on management, Steen Hildebrandt
  2. You get an education in management over six months, consisting of intense course days, e-learning, exercises, and a final exam
  3. The management education introduces you to the foundational MBA subjects but also provides you with the management tools of tomorrow
  4. Your syllabus consists entirely of literature from acclaimed writers and professionals.
  5. You will experience a professional Mini MBA focused on your personal development as a leader.

Remember: If you sign-up more than one person from your organization, we give you a 1,500 DKK discount per participant!

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97,9 %

of our participants rate their instructor as either “good” or “very good” at tailoring content and form to the needs of each attendee.

Next start dates

Starting date: 24. september at 8.00-16.00 Book
This course is made up of several modules
Module 1: September 24
Module 2: October 22
Module 3: November 19
Module 4: December 17
Module 5: January 14 2020
Module 6: February 25 2020

Radisson Collection Royal Hotel, København
Starting date: 30. september at 8.00-17.00 Book
This course is made up of several modules
Module 1: September 30
Module 2: October 23
Module 3: November 20
Module 4: December 18
Module 5: January 15 2020
Module 6: February 26 2020

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Aarhus
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Who should participate on the AROS Mini MBA?

Aros Mini MBA is for you who dare to reach the next level in your carrier. You are the type of person who always looks ahead, who thinks proactively. You have a drive; you have ambitions – both for you, your workplace and your colleagues

Aros Mini MBA is 100 % designed for you who want to become a better leader and manager – now or in the future. It is for you who yearn to become smarter; and for you who want your skills and competencies certified.

We know for a fact that you gain a lot of value by using leaders from different branches and management steps as your sparring partners. It is counterproductive for an education as this one to exclude participants based on age, experience, managerial level, or branch. Therefore, there is no official admission requirements for the Aros Mini MBA.

Request PDF: Click here to order a PDF with extended course information

Let Steen Hildebrandt Guide You Through the MBA Disciplines

Professor Steen Hildebrandt is perhaps the biggest name in the Danish field of management. It is no coincidence that we have asked him to design the Aros Mini MBA.

Hildebrandt has built the foundation, selected the most important topics, and handpicked some of the country’s most competent instructors. Together, we have designed an ambitious education that not only gives you theoretical and practical knowledge on management, but also secures your personal development as a manager.


What is a Mini MBA?

A Mini MBA is your opportunity to broaden your perspective as a leader and manager through an introduction to the classical MBA-disciplines. See a factual comparison of the two most prominent Mini MBAs in Denmark (in Danish).

We have teamed up with one of the leading experts in management, Professor Steen Hildebrandt. He knows better than anyone, what you should rightly demand from an MBA. He has made sure that the core principles of the traditional MBA have been incorporated into our Mini MBA. Therefore, we can proudly claim that Aros Mini MBA meet the professional standards worthy of the MBA title.


It is a common misunderstanding that Danish course providers are able to grant students ECTS-points for their educations. Despite claims of the opposite, no Danish Mini MBAs are ECTS accredited. If any Danish provider claims that their education grants you ECTS, these will only be valid at the given provider, which basically makes them valueless. Valid ECTS-points can only be provided by state accredited educational institutions. It is also noteworthy that ECTS-points are only indicatives of for the workload during the education. Thus, the points have no correlation with the quality or professional acclaim of the education.

Request Course Material:

Click here to order a PDF with extended course information

The link will automatically generate an e-mail request for our course secretary. All you have to do is press send (and add some further information or questions, if you want). You will receive the material within one business day.

If the link for some reason do not work for you, you can order the material by direct address to

It is incredible how all the instructors at AROS are able to relate to and engage in other companies’ and employees’ challenges. They adapt their teaching to our exact needs.

Louise Bruun Christensen - Copenhagen Business School

Your Benefits from the Aros Mini MBA

  • You build a solid practical and theoretical foundation for your management qualities that you can use and reach back to in the remainder of your professional life

  • Only the Aros Mini MBA offers you an oral examination and personal feedback. One of your highly professional instructors and the head of education at Aros Business Academy will conduct your examination

  • The professional participant network you build throughout the education keeps you updated, challenged, and informed after you have finished your Aros Mini MBA.

Your Employer's Benefits

  • Your workplace yields an extremely competent manager with a broad foundation to stand on in his or her future management, with the capability to successfully manage your workplace or organization’s long and short term challenges

  • With your acquired knowledge on innovative processes, disruption and change management, you become a sublime sparring partner to your top management, especially if you are considering new perspectives on the organization’s development

  • The working environment in your organization gets a healthy boost through your new management qualities and team leading tools.

Request PDF: Click here to order a PDF with extended course information

Mini MBA – Subject Area 1:

Strategic Management. Visions and Strategic Processes in a Turbulent and Changeable World. Learning, Management, and Sustainability in the Modern Organization

– Instructor: Henrik Ørholst and Steen Hildebrandt

Strategy, change, and learning, is i.e. about being forward-looking. Management is about connecting the present with the future. It is about understanding both the mission and the vision of the corporation, and developing strategies and plans to help bring the corporation into the future. It takes learning, change-insight and change management.

The strategic management is decisive for the future prospects of any corporation, and during this subject area, we focus on concepts and models key to this correlation.

In general, this module centers on the different complications regarding strategy and change in the scope of both national and global powers and relations. Corporations exist in very turbulent surroundings linked to the strategic situation and the management defining the given organization. What is the strategic situation of the corporation and agenda, how are strategic analyses carried out, and how is strategic decisions and initiatives implemented in the organization? The identity and mission of the corporation are key to this important work.

The themes discussed on the course day (and in the assigned readings):

  • Mission, Vision, and Strategy
  • Strategic Planning and Strategic Management
  • Strategic Competence Development
  • Strategy and Organizational Structure
  • Surroundings and Stakeholders
  • Organizational Complexity
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Strategy and Business Development
  • The Learning Organization and Change
  • Implementation of Strategies

mini mba, Steen hildebrandt

Mini MBA – Subject Area 2:

Business and Management Understanding from a Global Perspective. Disruption, Digitalization, and Exponential Organizations 

– Instructors: Claus Fadum Nissen

Both private and public organizations are like living creatures. They develop, need management, they are designed and redesigned. Management is the key to a better future for corporations and society. Management is performed by people conscious of their own role, their responsibilities, and their opportunities. Creating results is one of the key elements of management and leadership.

Subject Area 2 focusses on both the traditional theories on organizations and management, as well as the latest and more nuanced concepts in the field. What is an organization? What is management? First of all, management is about understanding the reality in which the corporation is placed right now, and then connecting the present with the future on the basis of this knowledge. How has the organization developed up until now, and how must it be designed and structured to meet the future in a learning and creative way, so that the potentials of the organization are realized? You will be presented for the necessary concepts, models, and points of reference, discussed and related to your own experiences.

The themes discussed on the course day (and in the assigned readings):

  • The Concept of HRM
  • Motivation and Theories of Motivation
  • Learning and Competence
  • Physical and Psychological Working Environment
  • Conflicts in Organizations
  • Diversity Management
  • Mentorship and Coaching
  • The Management of Human Relations
  • The Management of Merging
  • Disruption
  • Digitalization in the Modern Organization
  • Efficiency in Exponential Organizations
  • Intercultural Leadership.

mini mba, Steen hildebrandt

Mini MBA – Subject Area 3:

Personnel Management. The Human in the Modern Private and Public Organization. Organization Development, Team Management, Self-Management, Coaching

– Instructor: Mie Krog

Personnel Management and Human Resource Management focus on the management of people and the development of organizations. People are the center of any organization. People, competences, and culture along with technology, infrastructure, and so on, are the roots of all the different results the modern organization creates.

People are at the center of any organization. Naturally, many problems and models of solutions are designed to deal with people, whether as individuals, groups or the entire organization. MRM, leadership, followership, co-operation, and dialogue are all important factors of managing the people of the organization. The individual and the relations between people take center stage. This subject area deals with HRM as a concept and the aspects of measuring its practical execution entails.

The philosophies of man, organization and society are important themes. Group processes, conflicts, relations, etc. are the factors that characterizes the everyday of any organization. How do you manage the development of people and groups of people? How do you work with meetings, negotiations, conflicts, dialogues, managerial development, etc.?

The themes discussed on the course day (and in the assigned readings):

  • To manage others
  • Types of management
  • Management in different types of organizations
  • Management for better or worse
  • Value-based management
  • Performance-based management
  • Diversity management
  • Employee development
  • Selfmanagement

mini mba, Steen hildebrandt

Mini MBA – Subject Area 4:

Changes. Management of Changes and Calculated Management of Resilience

– Instructor: Lars Frisk Rossen

Change are a basic condition of the modern corporation. A few years back, the conversation was only on the desired changes of the given organization. Today, it is necessary to consider the changes appearing from outside the company – often as surprises. During this module, we focus on all kinds of changes, and we emphasize the understanding of people’s reactions to and engagement with changes.

Strategy and change are two sides of the same coin. Change is more a condition than the exception. Any organization (and its leaders) must be able to understand and deal with changes, when coming both from external and internal sources. Therefore, this subject area teaches you the actual concept of change – the physical, systemic, intellectual, and emotional aspects of change and disruption. How can we understand the interconnectedness of these different facets of change?

Risk management and technological management are also subjects we touch upon here. In closing, we will briefly discuss the concept of resilience in corporations and individuals.

The themes discussed on the course day (and in the assigned readings):

  • Innovation and Innovation Management
  • Change and Change Management
  • Organizational Relationships
  • Resilience and Management of Resilience
  • A Sense of Urgency (The Burning Platform)
  • Partnerships
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Technological Changes
  • Risk Management.

mini mba, Steen hildebrandt

Mini MBA – Subject Area 5:

Productivity. Economy. Measuring Results. Business Development

– Instructor: Ulrik Hjort

Management and Organizing is about creating results. Productivity means resource deployment and the creation of results in the organization. Economy, measurements, and understanding financial statements are important themes. What does the concept of the bottom line entail for the modern corporation?

Often, the term “business” is used to describe a corporation. But which business model and what kind of business thinking characterizes your organization? Sometimes, financial circumstances and management are viewed as two sides of the same coin, and in these circumstances financial statements, performance reviews, and the understanding of growth take center stage. By now, multiple other statements and reviews support the exclusively financial statement.

In this context, measuring is important: What should your company measure and how? And how do you communicate your results? Productivity, efficiency, and quality are three coherent and important concepts. How well does the organization utilize the necessary resources in order to create quality and satisfaction for clients, buyers, and users?

The themes discussed on the course day (and in the assigned readings):

  • Financial Statements and Bottom Lines
  • Environmental Statements and Intellectual Capital Statement
  • Measuring, Management, and Control
  • Managerial Reporting
  • Structure, Strategy and Measuring
  • Performance Management
  • Dimensions of Growth
  • Lean Management
  • Big Data
  • Contracts and Contract Management

mini mba, Steen hildebrandt

Mini MBA – Subject Area 6:

The Manager as a Person and Communicator. Personal leadership, Development and Communication. Presence, Empathy, and Relations

– Instructor: Kresten Schultz Jørgensen

Management and leadership. This subject area focusses on the personal leadership. The leader’s person and communication, your personal development, roles, and authenticity take center stage.

People perform management and leadership. Executive recruiting, managerial development, and evaluation of superiors are central themes. Relations to people, organizations, and stakeholders are important aspects. An organization consists of relations between people and departments, and the organization in and of itself exists in complex networks. The personal, as well as the relational, is the center of this module, where we focus on the manager as a person and communicator.

Key terms are roles, personality types, communication and dialogue, knowledge sharing, and co-operation are key terms, along with the aspect of relations. We will discuss these concepts critically and from different perspectives during this module. We will conclude this subject area by looking back on some of the concepts and models that we have been working with. Together we pose these questions: Where do the important changes take place? What tendencies of change and development exist in the field of modern organization and management, and how will some of these consequences on the practicalities of management influence you?

The themes discussed on the course day (and in the assigned readings):

  • Theories on People and Organizations
  • The Manager as a Person
  • Leadership Roles and Personality Types
  • Personal Development
  • The Communication Processes of the Organization
  • Personal Communication: Knowledge, Body, Language, and Presence
  • Stress in the Organization – Crises and Change Management

mini mba, Steen hildebrandt

The Exam (recap and personal development)

The Exam on the Aros Mini MBA is twofold:

  1. Case assignment of maximum five pages (which you write at home when you have the time)
  2. Multiple choice test of your knowledge and on the different tools you have been taught (this test you also do at home)

Get the full overview of the Aros Mini MBA exam.

You can choose to decline the exam and receive a diploma for participation on the Aros Mini MBA, should you wish to do so. If you take the exam and pass, you will receive an examination certificate for the Aros Mini MBA.

mini mba, Steen hildebrandt


You will receive approximately 300 pages between the course days for you to read in your spare time in the month between each course day. Even though it might sound like a lot of reading, it is our experience that it is doable. Even if you are not used to reading a lot. And even if you are very busy.

The texts on the syllabus will be in English. The syllabus only consists of texts by acclaimed writers. The syllabus and other materials are included in the course price and will be handed out before the first day of courses. The syllabus for the first course day will be sent to you before the first day ensuring that you have time to read it. If you sign up close to the first day of the Mini MBA, and are afraid whether or not you will be able to receive the material in time, feel free to contact us by chat or mail and we will find a solution.

mini mba, Steen hildebrandt

Exercises Based on You!

To us, the Aros Mini MBA is about giving you a profound upgrade of your professional skills. A key element for you to receive this is actual concrete training. Therefore, we have planned different exercises between each course day. The exercises focus on relating the theories and the new tools to you as a manager (or manager-to-be) and to your workplace. In this way, both you and your employer benefit from your Aros Mini MBA. The exercises are not mandatory and it’s up to you how much work you put into them. The exercises lay the foundation for the meeting with your study group (also optional).

mini mba, Steen hildebrandt

Get Plenty of Feedback in Your Study Group

We divide the students into study groups that meet 5-6 times during the education. The study groups give you the possibility to discuss the syllabus and the exercises – and to receive lots of feedback regarding your own situation and role as a leader. Your participation in the study group is voluntary and not mandatory for your education. But we recommend it, as the rewards will enhance the outcome of your learning.

”The action of study groups is really good. And the meetings with the study group may have doubled the outcome of my education” – Jacob Christiansen, Orkla Foods Danmark


mini mba, Steen hildebrandt

Request PDF: Click here to order a PDF with extended course information

mini MBA, steen hildebrandt, minimba

Professor Steen Hildebrandt

Steen Hildebrandt is Professor Emeritus at Aarhus University, Adjunct Professor in Management at Copenhagen Business School and Adjunct Professor in Management at Aalborg University. He has authored more than 20 critically acclaimed books on management, and he is commonly held as Denmark’s number one expert on management.

Steen Hildebrandt is also the co-founder and partner of the private consultancy Hildebrandt and Brandi. The 35 consultants of Hildebrandt and Brandi advise the top managers of Denmark.

Steen Hildebrandt is your instructor on Subject Area 1.

Fuld profil

Claus Fadum Nissen

Since 1995, Claus Fadum Nissen has helped companies in Europe and North America meet their customers needs and helped them make money. He has done this from two sides of the table. In the first half of his carrier he worked as a manager in leading Danish companies like FLSmidth and LEGO and as a board member at Unicon Beton and Nyborg Plast.

In the second half, since 2005, Claus has worked as a management consultant at PA, KPMG, and Cognizant in Copenhagen and New York focussing on design and transforma.on of processes, organiza.ons, and business models in various branches like the public sector, transporta.on, energy, the legal profession, and pharmaceu.cals.

Fuld profil
Mie Krog, minimba, mini mba

Mie Krog

Mie Krog is Managing Director of the consultancy VimaVima and is board member in Flügger, Plantorama, Republica, and

She has previously held managing positions in Jysk, LEGO, IDEmøbler, Bilka, and KiMs.

Her broad experience has given her profound knowledge on management, and she perfectly masters the art of exchanging this knowledge for animated and inspiring teaching.

Mie Krog is your instructor on Subject Area 3.

Fuld profil
Ulrik Hjort Mini MBA

Ulrik Hjort

Ulrik Hjort is Group CFO for the Nordic company Allianceplus A/S with more than 5500 employees. Furthermore, he is Member of the Board for the NASDAQ registered corporation Stylepit. Ulrik Hjort has over his long career held a number of positions as top manager (for instance as CEO in Netcompany, the leading IT-bureau in Denmark) and he has international experience from New York, Frankfurt, Bangalore, and London.

You will probably never meet an individual as experienced in financial management as Ulrik Hjort. You are bound to feel the strength and depth of his expertise as he guides you through your work with finance-oriented performance management.

Ulrik Hjort is your instructor on Subject Area 5.

Fuld profil
Kresten Schultz Jørgensen, minimba, mini mba

Kresten Schultz Jørgensen

Kresten Schultz Jørgensen is the founder and managing partner of Lead Agency.

He is the former Managing Director of Dagbladet Aktuelt, secretary to the Danish Minister of Research, Director of Communiaction at Coca-Cola Nordic and Coca-Cola Hellenic Baltics, and the Director of Communication at the Royal Danish Theatre.

Kresten Schultz Jørgensen has authored a number of debate books. His latest book on direction of communication received 6 stars in Børsen. Furthermore, he works as External Lecturer at the Department of Intercultural Communication and Management at Copenhagen Business School.

Kresten Schultz Jørgensen is your instructor on Subject Area 6.

Fuld profil

Anders Madsen Pedersen

Anders Madsen Pedersen is the commercial director at Dahl Law Firm, and he is an expert in strategy and management. He has a background as senior advisor for Hildebrandt and Brandi, advising executives in large and medium-sized companies.

Anders Madsen Pedersen has taught at MBA programs at Aarhus University, where he himself graduated with an MA of Science in International Economic Consulting, specializing in organization, strategy and management.

Fuld profil

Joachim Steenstrup

Joachim Steenstrup is Head of Communicaions at European Energy and former manager within the banking and energy businesses. He has extensive experience in the field of change management and corporate change communication. Throughout his career he has worked with change management in international and complex organizations.

Joachim Steenstrup holds an Executive Master in Corporate Communication and has completed additional leadership training with INSEAD. He also holds a degree in journalism.

Fuld profil


29.500 kr.
/ 28,000 DKK after our 1,500 DKK friend discount

Prices are VAT excluded. It includes books, course readers, and exclusive catering during all course days. Payment due one week before first day of courses.

Duration: 6 months including 6 full course days (9am - 5pm)

Next start dates

Starting date: 24. september at 8.00-16.00 Book
This course is made up of several modules
Module 1: September 24
Module 2: October 22
Module 3: November 19
Module 4: December 17
Module 5: January 14 2020
Module 6: February 25 2020

Radisson Collection Royal Hotel, København
Starting date: 30. september at 8.00-17.00 Book
This course is made up of several modules
Module 1: September 30
Module 2: October 23
Module 3: November 20
Module 4: December 18
Module 5: January 15 2020
Module 6: February 26 2020

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Aarhus

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