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The Aros Mini MBA Exam

Get the full overview of the Aros Mini MBA exam!

The exam on the Aros Mini MBA is twofold. We will conduct a joint assessment of your performance and we grade you based on the new 7-point scale. It is up to you if you want the grade to be printed on your examination certificate (if you choose to decline this, the certificate will simply say that you have completed and passed the exam).

1. Written Assignment

You will get access to the written examination after the final education day of the Mini MBA. Your answer shouldn’t be more than approximately 5 standard pages long, defined by 2,400 characters incl. spaces per page (you can check this by clicking “x words” in the bottom left corner of Word). You have 14 days to write the assignment. You are allowed to discuss the assignment with your fellow students but the assignment you submit has to be your own.

2. Multiple Choice-Test

Along with the written assignment, you will receive a multiple-choice test via a link. It consists of about 30 simple questions that will test some of the factual things you have learned during your Mini MBA education.

What If I Don’t Wan’t To Take the Exam?

If you want to, you can decline to take the exam and receive a diploma stating that you have completed the Aros Mini MBA. If you do take the exam and pass, you will receive a signed examination certificate from the Aros Mini MBA.

What If I Don’t Pass the Exam?

If you don’t pass the Aros Mini MBA exam you have two options: You can receive a diploma for your participation on the Aros Mini MBA (and hereby not an examination certificate). Or you can sign up for a new exam at a price of 2,500 kr. excl. VAT.

Contact Us If You Have Any Questions

Call us at +45 70 278 279.