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Leading People and Teams

Stock your portfolio with tools, theory, and practical know-how over 3 intensive course days. The course will save you a lot of mistakes and strengthen your abilities in leadership and management.

You will learn to

  • Understand modern leadership and management demands
  • Develop greater confidence in your leadership capabilities
  • Adapt your leadership approach to the context and as your role change
  • Understand your team and how to motivate, develop and lead the team members
  • Appreciate the psychology behind change and facilicate better processes
  • Use insights to engage effectively with your employees and stakeholders
  • Lead effectively through situations involving conflicts
97,9 %

of our participants rate their instructor as either “good” or “very good” at tailoring content and form to the needs of each attendee.

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22. - 24. oktober at 9.00-16.00 Book
Aros Konference, København
29. - 31. oktober at 9.00-16.00 Book
Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Aarhus
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12.500 kr. ekskl. moms
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Who should participate?

This course is for team leaders, project managers and leaders who experience increased responsibilities and who want to stand stronger in their leadership role.

Explore your role as a leader and develop your leadership skills

This course takes your personal leadership role as its starting point. We look at both your personal and professional background and qualifications, so you can take a conscious decision about what kind of leader you want to be. This gives you the opportunity to reflect on your role as leader and a platform to discuss your personal strengths and weaknesses with the other participants and your instructor. The course is heavily centered around knowledge sharing and feedback between the participants.

Three days packed with knowledge, experience exchange and training

Through tailored cases and exercises and the newest theories on leadership you will share experiences and train situations and confrontations close to practice. You will get useful insights into your own, your employees and co-workers reaction patterns and learn how to use these insights to further develop to the leader you want to be.

The mind of the leader

Today’s employees are seeking meaning, human relationships, and have a desire to make a positive contribution to the world. Hence as a leader you need to practice human leadership and develop a people-oriented culture where employees feel motivated and wholeheartedly engaged. During this course you will strengthen your leadership capacity to embrace these new demands. You will learn how using insights about yourselves, your employees, and your organization will enable you to adjust your leadership to the demands to the employees and to what works under given circumstances. 

Seek to understand and then lead

In order to lead your employees and stakeholders, you need to understand them, you have to understand what matters to them and what they think and feel. Only then can you guide them towards more meaning, motivation, alignment and desire to contribute.
The last day of the course is dedicated to conflict management. We work with real life cases that highlight the value of preparing well for various difficult dialogues.
These exercises gives you important insights into the psychology of what it takes to engage effectively with different stakeholders across the organization.

It was obvious from the get-go that the instructor has a lot of experience in leadership and management. He really set a high standard for this course and the professional level. I will definitely take more courses at Aros Business Academy.

Kevin Ta - Restaurant Royal Garden

The instructor shows a high level of experience in both theory and practice. You feel the instructor’s curiosity and personal interest for every single participant, and this enables him to adapt the course to our needs. Therefore, I can use my new knowledge and tools immediately.

Erik Lindstrøm - Hospitalsenhed Midt

I have learned a lot about myself as a leader and my way to react. Very competent instructor with the ability to make the theories easy to understand. Respect to him!

Morten Wessel - Brogaarden

Through this course I have gained a fuller understanding of my style of leadership. I have also gained several practical tools that both give rise to reflection but also offer opportunities for action in concrete situations. The course switched between anecdotes, abstract concepts and down-to-earth events, which stimulated all the different centers of the brain.

Søren Kristensen - Zitcom

The course has provided me with some very useful tools to analyse my role as a leader including my values and motivation and areas in which to focus on as a leader. The course will enable me to be better able to plan and steer my team's journey during different phases of a project, manage different types of team members, to manage conflict and how to be more strategic in my leadership.

Alice Kerr-Wilson - KW Consulting

Your benefits

  • You learn the newest theories on leadership and management. If you already have experience as a leader, this will boost your knowledge base. If you are a new leader, you ensure the best start to your career by building a solid foundation for your future practice.

  • You increase your efficiency because you learn how to motivate individuals and proactively engage in difficult conversations.

  • You become a better leader for your team and/or employees. You deepen your understanding of team leadership and team dynamics, which will improve your teamwork significantly. Not only will this benefit the organization, it will also improve your career satisfaction and zest.

Your company's benefits

  • Your organization gets a leader and manager who is capable of leading others. Being in charge is not easy, and it is of immense significance for the organization to have a leader with knowledge on the newest theories and principles as well as practical know-how on actually using it.

  • Showing your employees that you care about their personal growth and development will boost motivation, leading to increased sales, customer service, and time management. These are all essential elements that will be visible on the bottom line.

  • The workplace gets a lift of spirit, because the organization gets a leader who can deal with conflicts and confrontations. As a leader, it is important to be constructive, and our course enables the leader to become more aware different leadership roles and reaction patterns – for the benefit of the entire organisation.

Agenda: Day 1 – Lead yourself

General management theory

  • Understand the context and learn to master your role as a leader. You learn about leadership and management concepts, different leadership roles and responsibilities, power and influence
  • We explore how it is to transition from employee or project manager to people manager and how to avoid the worst pitfalls
  • We address what it takes to create psychological safety to succeed with leading changes in your workplace.

Agenda: Day 2 – Lead your employees

Your leadership role

  • We work with motivation and job satisfaction, why internal motivation is so important and how different people have different drivers of motivation
  • Situational leadership is a concrete leadership tool that is both memorable and easy implementable. You will learn to create targeted team leadership based on the situation
  • You will learn to empower others and foster effective teamwork by implementing team development based on Tuckmann’s model, psychological needs and teamdynamics.

Agenda: Day 3 – Lead the organisation

Teams and coworkers

  • You will learn how to operate, communicate, and interact in line with the organizational and personal values to create a culture where people are thriving
  • You will train difficult conversations and learn to proactively engage in these to promote development and enhance performance
  • We will give you the space for reflection where you will obtain feedback on your strengths and create a plan for the leadership style you aspire to.

mini mba, Steen hildebrandt

The course teacher takes care of your learning!

For us, it’s all about getting a positive change out of this course! Therefore, we ask about your prerequisites and needs before the course starts. And the teacher makes sure that after completing the course you can easily use your new tools, competencies and knowledge where you are – so you can easily create even greater value for yourself and for your workplace.

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When you register for this course, we send you a little mini guide on how to maximize your benefits from the course. You can use the guide to prepare for this course – and all other courses or educations you may consider for the future!

Internal courses: Let the instructor come to you!

Instead of participating on an open course, you can get the instructors to come straight to you. In this case, we will tailor the course directly to your specific requirements, prerequisites and situation. Contact Customer Manager, Christel Roust at +45 3175 2054, or send her an e-mail at for a non-binding offer.

Lene Andersen


Lene is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in leadership, coaching, consulting and training. As a partner at the management consultancy house Genux Executive, she specializes in aiding managers in personal leadership development, team building, change management, and strategic initiative implementation.

Throughout her career at Astra, Roche, and most recently Novo Nordisk, Lene has held senior global operational leadership roles overseeing business development, strategic marketing, and partnerships.

Lene holds an MSc in Responsible Management and Sustainability (2013) and an HD in Organization (1989). Her teaching approach is practical, focusing on the application of tools and models in real-world contexts. Known for her engaging and interactive style, Lene brings good energy to her teaching, incorporating participants’ challenges for a hands-on learning experience.

Fuld profil


12.500 kr.

The price is exclusive of VAT. Included in the price you get, among other things an e-course on good learning, teaching material and full catering during the course. Payment 21 days before the start of the course.

Duration: 3 days (9-16)

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22. - 24. oktober 2024 at 9.00-16.00 Book
Aros Konference, København
29. - 31. oktober 2024 at 9.00-16.00 Book
Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Aarhus
1. - 3. april 2025 at 9.00-16.00 Book
Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Aarhus
7. - 9. april 2025 at 9.00-16.00 Book
Aros Konference, København

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