What is greenhushing?

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What is greenhushing?

“Greenhushing” is not a commonly used term in the sustainability context, and it does not have an established meaning or definition. It is possible that it is a term that is being used in a specific context or by a particular group, but it is not widely recognized or accepted.

However, based on the term’s construction, it could potentially refer to a situation where a company or organization is aware of its negative environmental impact but chooses not to disclose this information or downplays it to the public. This is the opposite of greenwashing, where companies overstate their environmental credentials.

Regardless of the term, transparency and honesty are essential for companies and organizations seeking to improve their environmental impact. It is important for companies to disclose accurate and complete information about their environmental performance, including areas where they may be falling short, to enable informed decision-making by stakeholders and consumers.

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