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Read about the 9 lecturers of the Mini MBA in Sustainability Management, and watch a short video clip from their lessons.

Professor Katherine Richardson

Katherine Richardson is a professor in Biological Oceanography, Section for Biodiversity, Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen’s Sustainability Science Centre. Adj. Senior Researcher at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, Boothbay, Maine, USA.

Core researcher in an international research team focusing on identifying “Planetary Boundaries”. Chairman of the Scientific Steering Committee for the international scientific conference, CLIMATECHANGE: Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions.

Professor Steen Hildebrandt

Steen Hildebrandt is the author of more than 50 books on management and sustainability. He is a professor emeritus at Aarhus University, adjunct professor of management at Copenhagen Business School, and adjunct professor of management at Aalborg University. And he is regarded as Scandinavia’s leading expert in sustainable management.

Additionally, he is a co-founder of the private consulting firm Hildebrandt & Brandi. The company comprises 35 consultants who advise international top executives.

Annette Spanggaard, Coca-Cola

Annette Spanggaard is the Director of CSR at Coca-Cola, the most valuable food and beverage brand. Winner of Diversity and Inclusion Award 2024.

Previously, she worked as the communications manager for Danish Refugee Aid and Mondelez, and was an independent communications and PR consultant at her own communications agency. As an independent consultant, she advised the management of large companies such as Carlsberg, Pandora, ECCO, Montana, and others.

Mikkel Stenbæk Hansen, Novo Nordisk

Mikkel Stenbæk Hansen is Director of Circular Economy & Corporate Environmental Strategy at one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies, Novo Nordisk, known for insulin products and Wegovy (new weight loss drug).

He is a former Head of Environment Strategy at the Danish Ministry of Environment and a former Environment Manager at Maersk, the world’s second largest container shipping company.


Professor Michael Zwicky Hauschild

Michael Zwicky Hauschild is a professor at the Department of Environmental and Resource Engineering and at the Quantitative Sustainability Assessment, Technical University of Denmark.

He has received the SETAC Europe Edana Award for Lifetime achievement in Life Cycle Assessment 2018 and the DADES Environmental Prize 2014 for research accomplishments in quantitative sustainability assessment.

Sine Klitgaard Møller, LEGO

Sine Klitgaard Møller is the Sustainability Transformation Director at LEGO, the largest toy company in the world.

She has worked at LEGO for 28 years, initially hired as a toy designer and working her way up to being the Global Design Director before taking part in leading the sustainable change.

Mie Ryberg Rasmussen, Sustainable Impacters

Mie Ryberg Rasmussen has extensive experience with sustainability and ESG from advising companies of various sizes (from large publicly traded companies to small businesses inexperienced in the ESG area) and industries. As a consultant, she advises companies on ESG reporting, including everything from legislation, materiality assessments, strategies, data collection, climate accounting, etc.

Mie has a background as a consultant at EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services, where she has experience with assurance of ESG data, preparation of ESG reports, and interpretation of reporting requirements in the field.

Kristoffer Nilaus Tarp, C-MORE

Kristoffer Nilaus Tarp is the author of the book “Business for the Future – Success with the Global Goals”.

He is an expert in how sustainability is increasingly becoming a competitive parameter and a value creator for companies and organizations that need to say goodbye to classic CSR approaches and philanthropic approaches, and instead integrate sustainability into the core business, making it a central management discipline.

Kristoffer is the Director of Sustainability at C-MORE. He also sits on the boards of a number of sustainable companies and undertakes assignments for Monday Morning, CSR Forum, Danish Export Association, and several business councils. Finally, he is the chairman of the capital fund Blue Equity’s Sustainability Advisory Board.

Christina Blak, Make

Christina Blak is the Creative Director & ESG Lead at Make. Her work has resulted in a multitude of awards, including the CSR Award, which she has won twice. Christina is the initiator and driver of the ESG Barometer, which tracks the C25 companies’ reporting on sustainability, and she is excellent at translating theory into practice for you in your situation.

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